As ever the Whale Sharks arrived off the coats of the Yucatan Peninsula in May. Organized tours commenced once again on May 15th and will last throughout the summer until the middle of September when the Whale Sharks in Cancun will move on once again as they follow their prey.

On May 25th it was reported by that approximately 420 Whale Sharks were now located off the Yucatan coastline in a congregation that is so large it has been given it’s own name – the “Afuera aggregation”. Aerial photographs have been taken showing the huge numbers of Whale Sharks. Click for the bigger pics.

Cancun Whale Shark Tours
Alfeura Aggergation Cancun

Whale Sharks Cancun 2011
Whale Sharks Cancun
Photos by Oscar Reyes

Research by scientists has shown that the large swarm of sharks has arisen due to the huge number of small fish eggs in the ocean belonging to the unfortunate species the Little Tunny. This research has also revealed a previously unknown spawning ground of the Little Tunny. There is also a second less dense aggregation of Whale Sharks off the Northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula, known as the Cabo Catoche aggregation.

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